Vermeer D10x15 S3 Navigator 

At Directional Drillers, we constantly seek innovative and reliable tools to provide avant-garde services to our clients. Technology and developments in civil engineering have brought breakthrough innovations to HDD equipment. We use Vermeer D10x15 S3 Navigator, which provides a comprehensive range of horizontal directional drilling applications and angles. It is both time and cost-efficient, helping you get more work done at a faster pace, without compromising on the quality. These advanced machines improve underground drilling paths, cover longer distances, and reduce injury to people and property damage. 

Our Machine Features

We believe in completing the projects on time and if we can, before time. The equipment we use provides an 11% higher carriage speed. It means faster cycle times, enhanced productivity, rapid project closing, and cost efficiency.


Our work takes us to different locations with different topographies and accessibility challenges. Our technicians are trained and machines are chosen to reach even the remotest locations to perform the most difficult of the drilling work with innovative techniques. No drilling job is too tough for us and we can ensure you a hassle-free underground drilling project completion.


We ensure that the rotation prowess of the machine motor and nozzle is of the utmost quality. The higher the rotation performance, the better the output and efficiency. With a 16% higher rotation speed, our machines deliver a better mud slurry, and faster mudflow, especially in sensitive soil conditions.

Easy to Use

We make sure to always use the latest version of technology and machines for all drilling projects. Our drilling trucks have a maximum ground drive speed (forward) of up to 3.3 mph (5.3 km/h) with an optional wireless remote, which enables quick job installation and project closure. 

Compact and Capable

The availability of space and accessibility of the location for drilling machines in public places is a big challenge. But not for us, because we use the most compact and flexible machines in the market. With over 50% upsurge in the tractive-effort-to-weight ratio, our engines help improve tracking ditches, maneuverability, and trailer positioning for underground drilling projects.

Lower sound pollution

Machines produce big sounds that can be disturbing and stressful to public life. We make it a point to use engines with the least sound pollution and also to place the truck in far-off places to keep the effects to a minimum. We try our best to enable a better work environment and fewer disturbances for technicians and the public in general.

Challenging terrains

We are always ready to handle challenges like sandy, clayey or rocky underground terrains because we have equipment with high rotational torque ratings. The machines we use offer an increased rotational torque rating of 1500 ft-lb (2033.7 Nm) and 10,000 lb (44.5 kN) of thrust/pullback force that provides ample power for penetrating challenging soil conditions and pulling jammed reamers.

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Directional Drillers have worked on multiple projects for clients across industries. Our portfolio includes schools, factories, army bases, rural properties, housing projects, airports, and residential and commercial properties in North Island.

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