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Our Horizontal Directional Drilling Services

Say NO to hazardous digging trenches for subsurface utility installations and replace them with our environment-friendly horizontal directional drilling or HDD. Our machines and techniques are effective and practical for a range of underground installation projects and also cost-effective.


Install gas cables in the North Island with our expertise, technical knowledge, skills, and manpower, covering all the critical compliance and safety points.

GAS Line Installation


Install water pipes safely underground with greater precision along the predetermined path for commercial and residential properties.

Water Line Installation


Safely establish a new sewer line or extend an existing sewer main under existing structures or by avoiding a water resource nearby.

Sewer Line Installation


Safely and accurately establish utility power cables beneath rivers, highways, and other sensitive areas and save time and money

Power Cable Installation


Set up fibre optic networks in residential or commercial areas with minimal disruption to the public and damage to the environment and assets

Fibre Installation

& More

Call now for specialized underground drilling services from experienced engineers and technicians in Auckland and the North Island.

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Why Choose Directional Drillers ?

We endeavour to be prepared with plans, equipment, staff, and solutions from the planning stage to completion.

Latest Technology

We use the Vermeer D10x15 S3 Navigator for HDD projects. It is a benchmark machine used in directional drilling across the world. We regularly train our crew in advanced machines, trying to stay abreast with evolving technologies and implement them in our projects for better results.

Experienced Crew

Directional drilling processes can only be performed by trained technicians. Our engineers are highly experienced in technology and skilled at interpreting illustrations and geological diagrams, conducting surveys, and learning from past projects.

Work Efficiency

Our engineers use innovative and popular techniques and continuously strive to understand the individual requirements of the projects to make informed decisions. This helps us make the drilling process better in real time and ensure everything goes as planned in lesser time. 

Locations We Serve

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